• Image of Bay Area Eggshells
  • Image of Bay Area Eggshells

We've designed a few "bay area" themed eggshell stickers. The iconic BART ticket and the HELLA sticker are now available in a blank EGGSHELL option. Show your town love with the Warriors inspired TOWN slaps and let those bitches know whats up when you add your tag to the KONNICHIWA slaps!!!

These are printed by Eggshell Stickers specifically for Chopsticks Urban Art Space. Both designs are waiting for your hand style! Start repping the bay now! We're offering single designs and mixed packs in quantities of 20, 50 and 100
These stickers come with the easy to use "bend and peel" technology.


  • BART 20 pack
    7 in stock
  • HELLA 20 pack
    42 in stock
  • HELLA 50 pack
    38 in stock
  • Combo 50 pack (HELLA / BART)
    4 in stock
  • The Town 20 Pack
    47 in stock
  • The TOWN 50 pack
    49 in stock
  • KONNICHIWA 20 pack
    50 in stock
  • KONNICHIWA 50 pack
    46 in stock
  • Combo 50 pack (TOWN / KONNICHIWA)
    47 in stock
  • Combo 100 pack (TOWN / KONNICHIWA)
    49 in stock